Monday, November 17, 2014

The S Family - Winter Wonderland

I was scheduled to take this beautiful family's photos on Saturday. Due to some factors, they pushed it off to Sunday morning. I am SO glad they did! They wanted Christmas card photos - well, we had the weather for it!

Before we left their house:
 A little break to play in the snow
 I had thought about cropping big sister out but decided I liked her in the background
Daughter #1 is the caring big sister - I have never had a problem shooting her 
Little girl sweetness
I love their coats and hats!
Daughter #3 trying to figure out the white stuff falling from the sky, I believe her to be the inquisitive one
Mom and Dad
Can you tell this was toward the end of the shoot? Patience was running thin for some...

Isn't she sweet? Daughter #2 is the strong willed one but she did FANTASTIC yesterday!

Oh those three sets of eyes - so sweet!
One more of Daughter #2
 And Daughter #1
I am pretty happy with these (and many more from yesterday) - I hope they will be too!
Thank you S family for a fun, easy wintery shoot. I had a great time, as usual with you all.

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