Saturday, August 16, 2014

Photo Lesson 1

I just signed up for some on line photo lessons. (You will be subjected to my working through them.)

I want to continue to improve my photography, so I will continue to learn, refresh my knowledge and hopefully grow as a photographer.

I plan to adopt parts of this lesson as a mission statement and goals.

Lesson 1: Intent

1. Things you like about photography. Do you love the moment of seeing the images in prints or on your screen? Is it the challenge of making the photo? Is it the sharing the images with your friends? Is it the memories you get when you look at your photos later? Whatever it is you like about taking pictures, write it down.

I like "finding" the shot, I like the challenge.
I like showing off my work.

2. What you want to achieve with photography. Do you want to remember what your kids are like at each stage of their growing up? Do you like flowers or architecture or mountains and want to document them? Do you want to show the human condition? Do you want to pursue a career in photography? Write down what you want your photography to do.

Photography for me has always been about capturing moments and memories. I enjoy going back to see how my family has changed.
The longer I have taken photos, the more passionate I have become about it. I love catching "that" smile or look or butterfly that has landed.
I would love to make a career out of photography. My goal today (8/16/14), is to make enough money doing it to quit my second job by the end of 2015.

3. What subjects you want to shoot. Flowers, dogs, kids, models, food, people’s feet, whatever. Write down those things you find catch your eye or make you wish you had your camera when you see it.

People, animals, flowers, sometimes a color or something out of the ordinary.

4. How you feel about those subjects. Do you love it, hate it, feel afraid of it, laugh at it, wish it was yours? This is actually the most important section of the lesson. When you understand what you feel towards something, you’ll find your photography of it improves automatically.

I love working with people! I find nature beautiful and thrilling.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Taking booking

I am taking bookings for September and October.

Email me for information: