Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tween Photography - Miss L

If you follow me on Instagram (photosbyjenmcgee), you may have seen some of these photos already.

It was a pretty warm afternoon when we did these. Miss L was awesome and knew how to play to the camera. She had some great ideas that turned out wonderful!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Event Photography - Hendrik Stables

I was asked by my friend and the instructor at the stable, if I could photograph their spring student showcase. I was nervous about doing it (more butterflies than I normally get). I've never been a big animal lover (I don't mind them - don't get the wrong idea) but I learned a lot about horses and their personalities that day! Those horses have HUGE personalities, as do their riders!

And let me tell you, the weather was nasty for mid-May. Cloudy and a COLD wind!!!!

This guy is a gentle giant and him sticking his tongue out...yes, so funny!

I love the tenderness in this photo. It just melts my heart!

These three ladies (and horses) were amazing!

This is my sister-in-law:

These young ladies did an awesome job!

More fantastic riders!

And I won't lie, the jumping was pretty spectacular!

A few "artsy" shots:

I always ask my subjects to give me some attitude at some point in their shoot. Well, I didn't ask this time - but I think this tail swish is full of it and I LOVE it!

Thank you Hendrik Stables for asking me to "participate" in this event. I loved it!